Analog Design Engineer Intern

Duration: Up to 8 weeks

What we do at OMNIVISION

A global fabless semiconductor organization that develops advanced digital imaging, analog and touch & display solutions for multiple applications and industries. OMNIVISION develops and delivers advanced imaging solutions to a variety of industrial and consumer markets including automotive, medical, security & surveillance, computing, mobile phone, and emerging technology spaces. 

What we do at OMNIVISION, Norway

World-class innovation that evolves with the ever-advancing automotive market. We at OMNIVISION Norway specialize in CMOS Image Senor (CIS) design for the automotive market to cater to the ever increasing demand of CIS in automobiles for applications such as rear view, surround view, E-mirrors, driver monitoring, in-cabin monitoring, ADAS and autonomous driving cameras. The team in Norway have expertise in the areas of analog/digital circuit design & verification, characterization, test & automation, application engineering, safety analysis and project management.

What we do at OMNIVISION, Norway, Analog Design Group

Design and verification of control signals and biasing for CMOS pixel array readout circuits necessary for HDR pixels. Column parallel readout is implemented by assembling circuits such as ADCs, amplifiers, column level memory circuits in large arrays. Band gap references, regulators, reference buffers, charge pumps, voltage and temperature sensors, I/O interfaces and other circuits are designed to assemble the full image sensor. Implementation and verification is performed on module and system level to ensure proper noise reduction and low system noise. As the designs are targeted for the automotive market, self-checking and safety functions are an important. The team handles tape-outs and silicon validation of the image sensors. 

About this position

As an Analog Design Engineer Intern, you will work with the Analog Design Group on our on-going projects by designing circuits, verifying design by simulation, and/or characterizing fabricated image sensors by measurements.


  • Design and layout of analog circuits with Cadence Virtuoso

  • Verification of circuits by running SPICE simulations

  • Silicon validation of the circuits by performing measurements on the fabricated sensors

  • Supporting design and silicon validation by implementing scripts

  • Document circuit design, verification and silicon validation to support automotive safety requirements


  • Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with preferably completion of 4th year of study

  • Experience with design of analog CMOS circuits using Cadence Virtuoso and Spice simulation

  • Experience with measurement of circuits

To apply, please send:

  • A copy of your B.Sc. transcript and/or M.Sc. (if a 5 year programme)

  • A transcript showing what you have completed so far in your M.Sc.

  • CV

  • A cover letter outlining your motivation for the position

Søknadsfrist: 1. mai 2024
Jobbtype: Sommerjobb
Sted: Oslo
Bedrift: Omnivision