Digital Design Intern

What we do at OMNIVISION, Norway, Digital design group

Design and verification of timing and control signals for CMOS pixel array readout & analog/digital converters; image signal processing (ISP) functions such as black level compensation (BLC), defect pixel correction (DPC), lens correction, and high dynamic range processing; serial and parallel I/O interfaces (e.g. I2C, MIPI) for use in OMNIVISIONS’s Image Sensors. As the designs are targeted for automotive market, there is also focus on design for safety. The team handle all tasks of chip development cycle including product specification, architecture definition, RTL design, verification, synthesis, DFT, STA, gate-level-simulation, power analysis & optimization, FPGA emulation, chip bring-up, validation & debug.


About this position

As a Digital Design Intern, you will be working with the digital design group on RTL design, verification and/or silicon validation for our on-going projects.


  • Design and verification of digital IP for CIS

  • Silicon validation and debug

  • Safety verification for automotive design

  • Scripting for design/verification automation

  • Documentation of tasks performed


  • Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with preferably completion of 4th year of study

  • Experience in RTL design and verification by simulation

  • Excellent command of English as a working language

To apply, please send:

  • Copy of your B.Sc. transcript and/or M.Sc. (if a 5 year program)

  • Transcript showing what you have completed so far in your M.Sc.

  • CV

  • Cover letter outlining your motivation for the position

Søknadsfrist: 1. mai 2024
Jobbtype: Sommerjobb
Sted: Oslo
Bedrift: Omnivision